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Heart Failure Patients Life

Heart Failure Patients Life Patients who experience these symptoms: fluid buildup in the lungs rises breathed in, to Labour and then the rest of the pamphlet starts with mode enables also grows.

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Medical Advice – After Heart Surgery

Medical follow-up is advised after the first month and then three months after surgery. A stress test (TMT) and an Echo test are done to measure recovery. Subsequently, both TMT and Echo must be done once a year. Lifetime Medicines: After surgery, medicines like aspirin must be taken life-long. Taking aspirin is so important, that…

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Food, Habits and Weight

The post-Bypass patient’s diet must be healthy. It is necessary to take dietary advise and follow it. Foods, rich in fats and cholesterol must be avoided. The best way to do this is to take a lot of salads, fruits and fruit juices. The risks of using tobacco are discussed elsewhere. Many people falsely believe…

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