benefitsBenefits of a Bypass Operation being the minute the graft is connected and the heart starts getting more blood. With a better blood supply, the heart responds by contracting more strongly and in turn gives a better blood supply to the whole of the body. Valve surgery patients also feel the benefits soon after the operation.

Let’s see the phases of recovery after heart surgeons give a new lease of life to their patients’ hearts.

Day 1

Most patients recover consciousness in 2 to 3 hours after surgery. Pain is usually minimal and tolerable. The patient breaths comfortably on his / her own. However, there are a lot of tubes and lines attached to the patient and not much movement is possible or permitted.

Day 2

  By this time, most patients are fully aware of their surroundings and are able to sit up. Oral liquids are given in the morning. By evening, patients are encouraged to take some food. Most patients usually watch TV, read newspapers or just listen to soothing music to while away time.

Day 3

  By this time, the vital parameters of the patient like the blood pressure, pulse rate and respiration become normal. The drainage from various tubes placed within the chest becomes minimal and they are removed.

With the tubes removed, the patient enjoys his/her first walk with a healing heart. If he/she is doing well, he/she may be even allowed an assisted visit to the toilet.

Day 4 to Discharge

Patient is shifted from the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) to the cardiac ward. The patient is now fit enough to move on his own, walk a little and 27visit the toilet on his own and sit up to eat.

Cough and pain are the only two symptoms that may trouble the patients for the next 3 to 4 days. By the time the patient is discharged, he/she can walk well and even climb 3 to 4 flights of stairs. Most patients will be discharged 5-7 days from the day of the Bypass operation.


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