CIMS Hospital is proud to announce its 5th Heart Transplant on February 6, 2018.
In a short span of time, CIMS Heart Transplant Team has conducted 5 Heart Transplants with a 100% success rate and all patients doing well.
The recipient of the 5th Heart Transplant suffered from Heart Failure symptoms, since last 1 year and was being admitted every 2-3 months for Heart Failure.
The donor had met with a road accident and was declared brain dead in Surat at Metas Hospital. The family decided to go in for organ donation. The heart implantation was done within 4 hours. The heart was shifted to Ahmedabad from Surat airport in a small aircraft within 1 hour. A green corridor was established to transport the heart from , Metas Hospital to Surat airport within 12 mints, and in Ahmedabad from the airport to CIMS Hospital within 23 minutes.
Today , post surgery, the patient is fine and stable.
We congratulate CIMS Heart Transplant Team for continuously establishing laurels in the medical history of Gujarat.
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