CT ScanAlso called CT Angiography and ‘ Ultra Fast CT ‘ , it is a computer-controlled X-Ray Scan of the heart.It also shows the amount of calcium in the vessel walls. In healthy blood layers of  ‘ plaque ‘ (cholesterol containing mass) on the inner walls of coronary arteries and narrows the artery. If  there is more calcium in the atherosclerotic plaque, the possibility of getting a heart attack is higher. This calcium is detected  in the CT Scan.

In this investigation process, the patient is made to lie in an X-Ray scanner and X-Ray images are rapidly captured.The whole process takes very little time. In the 32 or 64 slice scanner, even coronary angiography can be done. This is considered 90-95% accurate for negative prediction. That means, if a CT- Angio test is negative, it means the patient almost certainly does not have coronary artery blocks.

That technology is non-invasive and the procedure can be completed in a few minutes.

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