Nothing is more saddening than meeting a depressed patient on a bright and wonderful day…

One sad patient, out of twenty, at my clinical office is like a dark cloud. When he comes in, I greet him heartily, but his face continues to be grim. He sits quietly. If I ask him questions, he replies only in monosyllables and sighs deeply.

In the early of my practice, I also used to get depressed on meeting such patients, but now I prescribe antidepressants for them. Tablets like Sertalines or Fluoxetins (called Prozac in the USA) help such patients.

People believe that they get depressed because of their lives their surroundings.

But now it has been proven that depression is a result of chemical imbalances. Hence, antidepressants are used on a large scale all over the world.

Depression after a heart attack is a routine matter. But now Angioplasty or Bypass Surgery has changed the paradigms of heart attack treatment. Now people can paradigms of heart treatment. Now, people can walk out of the hospital after an angioplasty. They can walk, talk, dance, climb stairs and resume their job within a week. Yet the patient’s relatives nag me: ‘Please tell him to rest and relax. He shouldn’t talk; he shouldn’t go back to work.’

No wonder, patients feel depressed.

But nowadays when I tell them to go back to their former lives after an angioplasty, they are happy.depressed patitent

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