Doctor at Home

I have been acquainted with ‘House Visits’ of doctors

since I was a little boy. My ‘Doctor Uncle’ often used to

visit our home to treat me for minor illnesses. It used to

be like ‘open your mouth… say ah… hmm…’ or ‘Flex

your legs, now straighten them…’ and so on. That was

in those homely days.

Once I visited an 80 year old lady patient of mine for

a house Call.

‘You are like God that you came to see granny!

‘Can I get you a cup of tea?’

‘ Won’t you have a snack?’

‘ How about some nuts?’

‘ Have you heard that Rahul Dravid hit fifty runs?’

‘ Anil Kumble! Oh gosh! He is out of the world, man,

out of the world…’

‘Do you know that  a lot many movies we see on

cable TV are pirated?

After half an hour I suddenly remembered why I was

there. I asked:

‘Can I see your grandma please?’

‘Oh! She left a moment ago to visit the temple. It’ll

take her at least half an hour to return. In the

meanwhile why don’t you taste this new recipe?’ and so

it went.

So every house call becomes a memorable

Yet many a time, it is convenient to visit a patient at

home rather than call him or her to the office.

I still remember those days when my favourite

‘Doctor Uncle’ used to examine me and tell me funny

and interesting things.


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