Care Institute of Medical Sciences (CIMS) Hospital in another path breaking achievement resolved the plight of a 49 year old female patient, Ramilaben Patel who was suffering from severe heart failure. After days of suffering followed by the treatment at CIMS, Ramilaben was finally liberated from the severe obstruction due  to Takayasu Arteritis that causes rare inflammation of Aorta and therefore a reduced pumping rate of only 15% to 20% of the heart.  The patient in question was also complaining about breathlessness since the last 10days along with recurrent hospitalization that wasn’t giving any relief and had diminished peripheral pulses when she was brought into CIMS. In a complex procedure that involved careful navigation thorough the blocked arteries, Dr. Keyur Parikh along with his colleagues Dr. Anish Chandarana & Dr. Gunvant Patel performed the life saving operation to give a fresh lease to that involved multiple risks due to the existing conditions of hypertensive encephalopathy, 10 year history of diabetes Miletus, multiple cardiac disorders and recurrent pulmonary swelling.

Explaining the details of the case, globally renowned interventional cardiologist Dr. Keyur Parikh said, “In this case the intervention was fraught with difficulty Ramilaben was on ventilation support with breathlessness.  Our major cause of concern was reduced flow in her lower body. The only way we could have opened the blocks was through right radial artery. The patient was saved by opening the abdominal aorta and celiac artery (supplying the intestines) from where the return of the blood to legs and kidneys relieved pressure on the heart, which is now working properly and the lady is back to leading a healthy and normal life”.

“We had taken this case up as a challenge and are highly motivated with its turning out extremely well. This case shows how the complex abdominal aorta approach that can be successfully implemented to secure a patient’s life. Such innovative treatment procedures are the best way to work towards improving the quality of life for patients. In fact, this case and the treatment procedure we have followed at CIMS were also discussed at live case session during the recent Trans-catheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics conference, the largest convention of interventional cardiologist gathering in the world, where it was amongst the 8 top cases to be presented and was also selected as the Most Innovative Case in its category, added Dr. Keyur Parikh, Chairman CIMS Hospital.

About Care Institute of Medical Sciences (CIMS): Care Institute of Medical Sciences (CIMS) is a 150-bed multi-super specialty hospital established to provide medical services and nursing care of the highest standards in all branches of medicines and surgeries. Located in Ahmedabad on the Science City Road, and spread over 17000 sq. yards, CIMS is a spacious, state-of-the-art building (with courtyards and atriums) designed to provide the right and excellent medical care to all its patients. Within a span of about a year, CIMS has made over 10000 admissions and performed over thousands of procedures & surgeries.

Reference:  Times of Udaipur (January 10, 2013)