With its firm belief in providing innovative healthcare services to the patient community, CIMS Hospital Ahmedabad has achieved yet another milestone when on this week, Dr. Keyur Parikh, globally renowned interventional cardiologist at CIMS hospital successfully performed Angioplasty on a young patient awaiting bypass surgery by implanting for the first time in India three self dissolving Bio-resorbable Stent (called Scaffold) and implanted two dissolvable stent on an international patient who came here to Ahmedabad, despite her son being in USA ( as it is still not available in USA) as against the previously used metallic stents. This new variety of dissolvable stent called Absorb is the latest innovation in the healthcare industry and is the world’s first drug eluting Bio-resorbable Vascular Scaffold.

Speaking about the new innovation of medical industry Dr. Keyur Parikh, globally renowned interventional cardiologist at CIMS hospital and a pioneer in multiple new device research technologies said, “It is one of the first multi dissolvable stent cases done in India. This type of technology is still not available even in USA, but it is a proud moment for us that India is first of a country and CIMS the state-of-the-art hospital to successfully attempt such surgery. The insertion of this new variety of stent assures complete absorption as the metal completely disappears within months of its inclusion. The bio-absorbable stent is set to transform the way cardiac disorders are treated in India to a new height. Considered a new milestone in cardiology absorbable stents reflect a radical approach to invasive techniques treating heart disease. This new medical technique also ensures that patient doesn’t suffer from any gastro-intestinal bleeding or brain stroke and lives a hassle free and healthy life”.

The patient in question, Ms. Binita Bakrania is a 58 year old lady residing in Tanzania and had quite an active life until she developed major cardiac disorders. Binita Bakrania’s son stays in
NJ, USA still she preferred Ahmedabad due to technology advancement and also the fact that America has still not attempted such kind of surgery, but CIMS hospital and the initiative by renowned cardiologist and recipient of “IMA DR.K.SHARAN CARDIOLOGY EXCELLENCE AWARD” for the year 2010, the only Indian to receive the “Distinguished international service award”, highest award by the American College of Cardiology, Dr. Keyur Parikh. It was one of the first triple and double BVS (Re-absorbable Stents) placed on the same day in India, especially Gujarat in two patients to avoid Bypass surgery.

In another similar case a younger diabetic patient (Name not disclosed) was referred to CIMS hospital for bypass surgery from another hospital. He was advised the three new revolutionized Bio-absorbable Scaffold to be placed in his arteries, which he underwent successfully in single sitting first time ever in India. “Since the stent will be absorbed after a while, the patient need not take lifelong double blood thinner drugs, which otherwise they have to take in Drug Coated Stents, to avoid blood clots inside the arteries” Said Dr. Keyur Parikh . Both the patients responded well to the treatment and are now recuperating at CIMS hospital.

Absorbable stents is an innovative device which is made of dissolvable material and is a natural alternate for the metallic stent, being currently used to open the artery at the site of blockage after an angioplasty. Unlike a metallic stent which remains in the body for lifetime, Absorb dissolves in due course of time. Absorbable stents release immunosuppressive drugs for the first month. Six months after the procedure, the prosthesis, made from polylactic acid (a type of plastic used in sutures), begins to be absorbed by the body. This reduces the risk of restenosis and other side effects that sometimes leads to complications. This revolution is practically safe for younger generation who are more prone to cardio diseases. This procedure endures that young patients live a tension free future life devoid of the presence of any foreign body or anti-platelet drug.

CIMS has always been a patron of new technologies that help in securing the lives of their patients. Previously also the hospital has been known to conduct several complex operations to cure patients with relatively rare disorders. Dr. Keyur Parikh, is the chairman of CIMS, globally renowned interventional cardiologist and a pioneer in multiple new device research technologies, with over 27 years experience in angioplasty and has over 10,000 angioplasties to his credit. This recently conducted stent surgery comes as another landmark achievement for Dr. Keyur Parikh and the medical fraternity at large.

CIMS Hospital is pioneer in Cardiovascular therapy with annually over 7000 angiographies, over 2000 angioplasties, over 1000 bypass surgeries, making it one of the busiest centers in Western India. Through its regularly organized workshops and several other innovative efforts CIMS looks at continuing its efforts towards providing the best in terms of health care amenities to its patients.

About Care Institute of Medical Sciences (CIMS): Care Institute of Medical Sciences (CIMS) is a 150-bed multi-super specialty hospital established to provide medical services and nursing care of the highest standards in all branches of medicines and surgeries. Located in Ahmedabad on the Science City Road, and spread over 17000 sq. yards, CIMS is a spacious, state-of-the-art building (with courtyards and atriums) designed to provide the right and excellent medical care to all its patients. Within a span of about a year, CIMS has made over 9000 admissions and performed over thousands of procedures & surgeries.

Reference: The Times of Udaipur (December 27, 2012)