Medical follow-up is advised after the first month and then three months after surgery. A stress test (TMT) and an Echo test are done to measure recovery. Subsequently, both TMT and Echo must be done once a year.

Lifetime Medicines:

After surgery, medicines like aspirin must be taken life-long. Taking aspirin is so important, that it must be taken even if the patient suffers burning in the stomach because of aspirin. The burning due to aspirin can be prevented by taking aspirin preferably after meal. Statins are special medicines to reduce cholesterol and must be taken under the supervision of a physician or a cardiologist.

HBP and DM:

Our old silent killers must be subdued. Please remember that Diabetes and High Blood Pressure do not get ‘cured’ after a Bypass operation. Medicines for HBP and DM must be continued as necessary. Care and precautions must become the primary goal after a major heart operation.

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