Angina Pectoris (‘strangling of chest’) is a recurring discomfort. It usually lasts only for a few minutes. In most cases, It occurs in the centre of the chest behind the breastbone.

Angina has been described as heaviness, tightness, oppressive pain, burning and pressure or squeezing. Sometimes it spreads to the arms, neck or jaws, It may also cause numbness in the shoulders, arms or wrists.

In some patients the pain may be lessintense, while in others it may last longer, and occur in places other than the centre of the chest, in the shoulder, jaw or back. Others with angina may also have breathlessness and nausea.

Angina results because of insufficient blood supply to the heart, and the resulting insufficient oxygen and nutrition to the heart muscle. This happens when the heart’s oxygen demand increases and the blood vessels are incapable of supplying the same. That’s why Angina occurs during exercise or emotional stress.


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