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Dr. Keyur Parikh, the best cardiologist in Ahmedabad and Gujarat as well as in western India has the most and highest successful angiography and angioplasties in India. Dr. Keyur Parikh is a Cardiologist in Ahmedabad, and is currently working as Non-invasive and Interventional Cardiologist at CIMS Hospital. 

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Patient Reviews of Dr. Keyur Parikh

Padam Kumar Ratnawat –Very good doctor with good heart. Best staff. I am coming from rajasthan but in every situation dr. Keyur parikh treat all patients first. The slogan of cims patient first is really suitable

Sajid Sunasara – I am very thankful to dr.keyur parikh who is the greatest cardiologist and very gentlemanly person thanks him

Jamil Maniar – Dr. Keyur parikh is like our friend. Me and my family are always coordinate with him. Satisfied with his staff all are very supportive and professional. We are thanlful to Heart transplant team. Cims is number 1 hospital in india. Dr. Keyur is the chairman of cims hospital who is verh kind

zain shaikh – My wife tabssum always take advice from Dr. Keyur Parikh. He is wonderful person and best staff. Facilities and all good at cims

Pushpa Chorya – My husband has done angioplasty under Dr. Keyur Parikh. Best cardiologist and nice nature. Cims is like family and staff are like friend

Padam Jain – All staff and home service given by dr. Keyur parikh was very good.. i like to take his advice. Wonderful experience

Janardhan Raju –  Dr. Keyur parikh did 3 stants in 2015. Till now I m okay . My family and I always in contact with dr. Keyur parikh and team. All staff also manage very well

Nagraj Chhajer – We are in contact with dr. Keyurbhai from 1993 when we were not in India. He is very good cardiologist. We heard about first heart transplant in cims nd we feel proud.

Deepak Shrimali – I am satisfied with the treatment by dr. Keyur parikh. He is intelligent and kind. His staff and management all good..

9870031272 Bhalodia – We come here from 2 years for only follow up. Dr. Keyur parikh is very genuine gentelman person. He never think about fees or money. Very good heart person. Me and my wife both are regularly follow up with Dr. Keyur bhai. Thanks to him and his staff also

Vikas Singh – My uncle 10 year old patient of dr. Keyur sir.. happy with his treatment and services.. cims is really caring institute and good staff also doctors team is very carefull.. keep it up… God bless you.. now we all feel happy thanks sir and all management…?

Rahul Gandhi – Excellent Treatment and hospitality. Well maintained cleaned and most hygiened hospitals. Visiting DR Parikh for my father’s health check up since last 12 years. Angioplasty done in 2004 and now in 2016 again. Will recommend to everyone who is in need of the best treatment with 100% satisfaction.

Thanks a lot Dr. Parikh!?

Samaptlal Jain – We come from udaipur. My father Mr. Fateh Lal took 2 stants. He is now 88 and healthy. No painful treatment and no worry about the past surgeries. Wonderful experience here. Thanks to all staff who help us evrytime..

Ramesh Lohar – I am satisfied patient of Dr. Keyur Parikh. He has done angiography in 2013. My family,me and all are very happy with cims. Thanks to dr. Keyur parikh and all staff of cims

patel nikulbhai – We came in cims from last 10 years . My father took 2+2 stants under dr keyur prikh. He is very good person. My father absolutely healthy now

DHARMENDRA KUMAWAT – My father was diagnosed with 90% & 70% blockage. I immediately contact Dr. Keyur Parikh. He not only attended but also clear my doubts over phone to the great level of satisfaction. Moreover, while travelling to CIMS, he always be in touch with me over phone. In first meeting with him, I came to know that how humble, polite, caring and above all master he is in his filed. ONE OF THE BEST CARDIOLOGIST in the world. He operated for two stunts for the blocked arteries. Now, after almost one year, the patient is really is in very good condition and all this happens only because of the perfection of Dr. Keyur Parikh. Even during follow-up procedure, he is so kind & let me understand each and every minute details and I am very thankful that I’m able to see a doctor that genuinely cares about his patients. I truly recommend him as he is “a person blessed by the GOD to help people”.

vilash sankhat – Very good behaviour of Dr. Keyur parikh. Happy with the services of cims nd the staff.. helpful nature and very kind.. thanks Sir. .?

dhiraj santdasani – Patient Dr H D Santdasani

Instead of doing by pass, 5 stents were put by Dr keyur Parikh sir

Now doing very well with no complaints at all

Ajay Kumar Raju – My father had cardiac issues for which we have consulted Dr. Keyur Parikh sir. He had gone through angioplasty with 3 stents very successfully . we are very happy with the treatment . We are so glad to see a person like keyur sir who treats patients in a very good way.

Sapna Narsingani – Dr. Keyur Parikh is the world’s BEST & renowned cardiologist & a very pleasing personality. He is incredibly organized & amazingly energetic. He is extremely talented & has best experience & knowledge. He has a very nice nature. He is very kind & humane to patients & also their relatives. He is very polite, calm, honest, kind & caring. My mom was diagnosed with 100% blockage in the main artery. I was extremely tensed but then after in contact with Dr. Keyur Sir my all worries were removed. He treated us like a family member. Now my mom is fine & I’m extremely satisfied with the treatment. Dr. Keyur Sir is the Best & Perfect doctor. I feel that he was sent by God for my mom. He is trustworthy, affectionate, enthuthiastic & noble person. I have great faith in him. He individually cares for every patient. His soothing behaviour is an added advantage over his expertise in angioplasty. He treats his patients with great affection, love & care. He communicates well with patients as well their relatives in a very kind way. Above all, he is the best human being. CIMS hospital is the world’s best hospital.Its staff is very caring, kind & generous. Patient is attended with proper guidance & treatment 24×7. Hospital services & equipments are the best. It has neat & clean facilities.I am heartily thankful to Dr. Keyur Sir for his best treatment he provided us in CIMS hospital. Thanks a lot Sir.

rohit rami – The all staff which I undergo for bipass surgeory & the working people Under him

Are well trained well behave & nice

In comparison with American hospital..

I am us citizen still ĺ am must say he is

Good in all aspects.

I was going back to Chicago for my treatment

He advice me you stay here .

Take chance of my hospital

Realy simply his hospital& he is best.

Jagdish Suhagiya – The top cardiologist and best human being ever I have met. Very humble and down to earth physician with ethics and values.

piyush thakar – dr. keyur parikh is great cardiologist in cims. i like his nature. staff all helpful and like their nature. gave best service and treatment

Pintu Mazumdar – Wonderful people and very talented team of doctors. Right from the security staff at the gates to the topmost doctor, all are always smiling and more than willing to help you, always and every time.

Ramji Shiyani – Dr Keyur Parikh have done angioplasty of my father Mr Harjibhai Shiyani in 2013 till date he has no problem. He is one of best doctor in India. CIMS hospital provides high class treatment and facilities to patients. And also Behaviour of staff, management, treatments, facilities,infrastructure, guidance, nature of doctors is wonderful. I have never seen hospital like CIMS. Thank you so much all team and best wishes for future.

Himanshi Ahuja – We totally satisfied with dr keyur parikh,he is the top cardiologist in India he treats my father and nw he is absolutely fine n happy. we approach ds dr by google reviews and we totally found same as that.so viewers there is no ifs n buts for his intelligence. Thank u so much dr.

Kishan Paliwal – Excellent professional service provided by Dr. Keyur Parikh. He is attending my grandfather in very friendly way which a patient requires from his doctor. He is conducting follow ups and providing feedback in very good ways. He is an excellent cardiologist. He is also taking care of small small things which made him a good doctor and his knowledge and experience made him very good cardiologist. We are fully satisfied with him and his service.

Siji Sadasivan – sir the services provided at your hospital are indeed very humble and soothing. the services were provided in a consoling manner as it felt just like home and staff felt like my own people. thanks for your great concern. the experience was very good. god bless

Biren Dalal – You will get only the best. there is nothing like it could have been better.


Staff is very caring and kind.


Patient is attended immediately with proper guidance for every thing from treatment to follow-up. The hospital services and equipments are best. Ambience is very good which makes you fill better.


I would always recommend CIMS for all Medicare needs

Rajesh Gojiya – Dr. Keyur Parikh (Cardiologist) as the name say, he is the BEST and renowned cardiologist. He is Trustworthy.


CIMS fantastic hospital for cardiac related treatment. Very good doctors and staff. Homely environment. And the best thing is that you do not have to worry about running around. Packaged rates for all treatments. The doctors are experienced and you know that the patient is in very safe hands.

Dinesh Joshi – Dr. Keyur sir did angioplasty befor one year. I am good and happy with him. He is very kind and genuine person

Jivabbai Prajappati – As per my opinion Dr Keyur Parikh is the best cardiologist in India.He has given me another life.His nature is very human being and passionate. I am very lucky for meeting dr Keyur Parikh.

Thank you very much sir.

God bless you….

Gautam Khokhawat – Best cardiologist doctor in India.

We are fully satisfied with Dr. Keyur parikh and his treatment.

Home service also provide me in rajasthan. Which is amazing.

Thank you sir

priya gandhi – From 2009 he operated to my father and to till date Dr. keyur Parikh is in touch with my father personally and he and his team is always giving the best treatment to us. He is maintaining the relationship with his patients very well. The best doctor we have met with so nice nature and kind hearted.

Shailesh Rathod – Dr. Keyur parikh refer us for Dr. Dhiren Shah for bypass. He did bypass in may 2017. My case was very critical and now i am very healthy..

DR.RAMNIK. NIMAvAT – Full of satisfactions .05.9.2016.my angioplasty done.till up to date I have no any problems.i can do my all medical duties .family .& social duties efficiently.No any cardiac symptoms all.i am quite fit feeling.Thanks to Dr. KEYUR PARISH. GOD BLESS HIM &LONG LIVE.

saurabh singh – I read reviews on google about him and I decided to book my appointment with him, I have high blood pressure issues and wanted to make sure that I get it treated ASAP because I am just 28. I met him, he was very cool, he saw me , my reports (TMT, ECHO), they were normal… He’s an amazing person! Very knowledgeable and will never scare you regards to your medical condition. He is among those Doctors who would think for the patient and not for the revenues, and the best example of it was that he refunded me his consultancy fees, stating that he has done a little part in guiding me, reduce my weight , change my lifestyle, However I felt that he did play a major role in making me understand the condition, He prescribed me medication as well to control my high BP (150/100). I got his book Heart To Heart , too from the hospital which is great, available in all 3 languages, people who are suffering from Cardiovascular diseases, for them to understand the conditions better. This was by far the best experience with a doctor in my whole Life, and trust me Dr. Parikh is actually a boon to people suffering from Cardiovascular diseases. He’s a dedicated and very kind person. Me and my wife were very thankful to him for the care he provided staying so humble. Thanks Dr. Parikh! Overall Had a very good experience in CIMS, the whole staff is very proactive and friendly. Wait time was also less in the reception area.

Kirtar Munshi – Dr Keyur Parikh is the best doctor I have ever met in my life with regards to his academic excellence, personal care, managing and instituting excellent systems for providing American standard customer service.

I would recommend every one to go to Dr Parikh for cardiac problem. God bless him.

Rajendra Singh – Dr.Keyur Parikh is one of the best cardiologist in India. He has very good nature. Exillent treatment given to us .

We are fully satisfied with Dr.Keyur sir and Cons hospital.

Home service is also given to us by Dr.Keyur Parikh sir which is amazing.

Thanks a lot sir

mittal chaudhary – The services were outstanding. Very pleased with the doctors decision. I recommend him to everybody for cardiac problems.

Ramesh Mali – We are fully satisfied with dr. Keyur parikh’s treatment. good in nature. nice behavior. good practice in hart related treatment.

nishant thakkar – I would say that he is fantastic doctor, not only because of his knowledge, but also because of his nature and his character… The way he guides his patient and treat them we feel very relaxed…. He has treated my father and I would suggest if you want to visit any cardiologist in ahmedabad….he is best out there….

Gajendra Nahar – One of the best cardiologist in India. He has amazing nature. Exillent treatment given to us by Dr. Keyur parish sir.

Home visit also given which is wonderful.

Thank you sir.

Atit Swami – I offer my heartfelt thanks for the total medical treatment and scientific care of my grandmother, till her last breathe with full of humanistic approach under your valued supervision at CIMS Hospital; both at hospital and at home. I and my family are grateful to you and all relevant departments.


You have always been of great pivotal support to all of us at all the time.

Pranit Nanavati – Dr. Keyur Parikh was sent by God to help countless persons. His skills are by far the best in his line. My family has a strong heart-related medical history and it is a great peace of mind for my family that Dr. Keyur Parikh is in the city where we live. He is incredibly organized and amazingly energetic. In his extremely busy life, he can remain incredibly calm under immense pressure. I don’t know where he gets so much energy from. Whenever I see him, I can feel his energy. Even thinking about him makes me energetic. I have never seen him talk hurriedly. He carefully chooses his words and speaks with so much clarity that it is impossible to misunderstand him. That is a great quality for a busy Doctor like him. No wonder, he is a great speaker and is frequently called upon to deliver lectures. I have never met any Doctor who has impressed me more than Dr. Keyur Parikh has and probably will never meet any Doctor like him. Dr. Keyur Parikh is a fantastic human being. May God create more humans and Doctors like Dr. Keyur Parikh. The world needs Doctors like him. For any heart-related trouble, I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Keyur Parikh.

teena singh – Dr. Keyur Parikh is the finest cardiologist in India today. For my father who is himself a doctor we couldn’t trust any cardiologist in Delhi/Mumbai. Based in Gurgaon I chose to travel to Ahmadabad to see Dr. Keyur Parikh. We were all supremely impressed by his expertise, professionalism, solution based approach and above all his ethical approach to giving you a healthy heart! In a day and age where doctors treat every patient as a means to achieving revenue targets, Dr. Keyur parikh is a novelty. He will not advise for any stents or surgeries till your body absolutely needs it. I would recommend him to every person seeking a doctor they can trust. Thanks Dr. for taking care of my father and being who you are.

Vishal Gajjar – My Father recently underwent angioplasty by Dr. Keyur Parikh at CIMS. He was very calm and considerate in his approach which made our whole family really comfortable. I was really happy with the way he explained all the treatment options and the treatment which was given.


Thank you very much for taking such great care.

Roopchand Soni – Dr keyur parikh is very nice doctor. He is very friendly speak with patients. Good in nature. He give very very good according to Hart related treatment. Nice to meet you sir.

hasmukh patel – Dr. keyur parikh so excellent…becouse My self referred more then 100 people to cims hospital in last 5 years but we got excellent results

1Dr Jayesh Solanki – Dr Keyur Parikh is very honest and kind personality. Always smiling. I would suggest him as one of the best cardiologist in town. Quik decision and prompt results.

Jignesh Patel – I have a couple of very good experience of Dr. Parikh once I dialed a phone number that I got from the website by searching his name on a friday night about 9:30 PM to get an appointment for my grandfather who was very ill. We were planning to take him to US for treatment after a horrible experience in a hospital in Surat. I thought I was dialing the phone number of CIMS hospital to my surprise he answered the call and he asked me how I got his personal cellular number, I told him I got it from a website and I was calling to get his appointment for the next day which was a Saturday. I expected a reply that he would instruct me to call the hospital number and get an appointment but instead he asked me what condition my grandfather was. I explained him the situation and he agreed to see him the next day which was a Saturday he said usually he doesn’t see patients on Saturdays but he told me to bring my grandfather on Saturday and saw him and started the treatments immediately. He saved my grandfather’s life. I am from USA and the experience I had with him was much better than even any doctor in US. We have heard and experienced many times the attitude of many doctors in India is not good when you go for treatments they are hardly willing to talk or explain the condition or medications.

Dr. Keyur Parikh is an exception given his stature as one of the best cardiologist in Gujarat he takes time to talk to patients no matter of their financial condition. Just yesterday I saw him with my Grandmother while waiting outside I saw his consulting room door was constantly open and saw him how he speaking with every patients with care and politely.

Thank you Dr. Parikh for what you do and taking care of my family and treating us as human beings.

Shyamlal Parikh – I meet dr keyur parikh in 2007. he do my treatment very well.he give me a new life.so I thankful to him for save my life.thank you sir.

Arpit Patel – Dr Keyur Parikh is the best cardiologist. He is very senior doctor and he has to much experience in cardiac surgerys.he is a well wishar of patients. He always give Right advice to patients. His nature is very nice.

Mohan Dadlani – Very good experiance.we are fully setisfied with dr keyur parikh.we meet dr keyur parikh and he is like a god for us.he give me a new life.thanks alot sir.

RAKHI PRASAD – Excellent response withouy any appointment by understanding patient requirement /condition in such busy scheduled life in hospital

Appreciate and suggest to see at least once from my point of view

raveena thakrar – Technical

He is prompt and fast in his decision for the patient health

He is one of the best Cardiologist in town

He goes in details for the diagnosis


Behaviour science

He is generous and polite by nature

He is strict sometimes for patient better health


i personaly thanx to sir for taking as a family member

Rahul Parikh – Dr.Keyur Parikh is one of the best cardiologist in India.


He is also Internationaly well known figure.


I have got very good treatment from his CIMS hospital, with best


advice for future care.

hasmukhlal jayswal – I have undergone double engioplasty in Jan 2009.the dealing of staff and doctors are very good.I am perticularly very much thankful to shri Dr. Keyur parikh saheb for taking brotherly & personal care which gave me enough strength to fight medical abnormalities & emergences.I rate 10/10 the services randered by CIMS.

Jethabhai Panchal –  2013 ni sal ma mane Hart attack aavyo hato. Sir a mari angioplasty Kari. Ane aaj sudhi mane koi taklif nathi.n dar Sal ma aek var batavu chu.amni salah suchan thi mane ghanu saras che. Aabhar tamaro sir.

Bhakti Gajjar – i rate him as a fine medical practitioner and a good human being.we are fully satisfied with him and his service. one should consult him before ane hart related treatment .my experiance is just awesome.thank you sir.

ashok shrimali – We’re here from last forten years and now my father is going 87 years we are thankful of dr.keyur parish.thanks.ashok shrimali son of he era Lal udaipur .

amit dulera – Dr. Keyur parikh Sir ni treatment khubj saras hati Mara papa ni herat ni ex nali 95 ‰ block hati Emni treatment thi Amne santosh che… Tatha temno swabhav pan khubj saras rahyo amne lunch no time hovathi lunch pan teo ej kravyo khubj Aabhar Dr. Keyur parikh Sir

Mukesh Munjani – Last 10 years thi hu dr keyur parikh ni treatment lav 6u. Sir ni treatment ghani sari 6. ane aemno nature pan ghano saro 6. ane hospital no staff pan saro 6.

mukesh kumar Pandya – His personalized way to keep in touch with patients is the most significant point of his professional behavior….. May God bless him.

Kalpesh Bhambhani – Dr.keyur parikh is like a god present on the earth and best but the best cardiologist in India

I m very thank full to doctor sir for best treatment to my father

Thanks dr.jee

Even after one year

Not a single problem In one year

Thanks dr

Pravin Jakadia – Dr.keyur parikh is best doctor in ahamdabad.he is a senior doctor in cardiac surgery.he give best treatment to us.he is very nice person in nature wise.he give all answers very politely which questions asking by patients.i very comfortable with doctors treatment. He always touch with patients after a long time of surgery.god bless you sir.god give more n more success in your life.

kinjal thakar – Dr. Keyur Parikh, Best Cardiologist in India, is too much supportive in all nature. He heal mentally as well as his medical knowledge. His Approach towards patient is like a family member. He provide appropriate and best advice to all. CIMS is the best hospital in ahmedabad for specially cardiac.

Ulupi Chakrabarty – He’s our god-sent saviour. He understood me as a patient. He took excellent care and the treatment was faultless. Highly recommend Dr. Keyur Parikh and CIMS to all.

Sarro KhanWe meet Dr keyur parikh in 2014.he do my angeoplasti very well.i Satisfied with Dr’s treatment.excellent treatment given by Dr keyur parikh.

harshad jhaveri – Dear Keyurbhai I appriciate the friendly attitude you show to individual and give a right advice to him. Not like other profetional who work for money.Iwish you a great success in future &and give such service to Humenity. Harshad jhaveri.

darshan shah – Dr. Keyur Parikh is one of the best cardiologist in the State. I received world class treatment for my father admitted at CIMS. Dr. Keyur Parikh gives personal attention to all his patients with great after care. Thanks Dr. Keyur Parikh and CIMS hospital.

Mayur Lalwani – I have a better experience of this doctor which i have never experienced in my life. This doctor knows the original defination of doctor that why god made them life savier.

Patel Alpesh – Hu keyur parikh be chella 10 year thi Janu chu.sir taraf thi amne ghano saro response malyo Che.amni treatment thi amne ghano labh malyo Che. Nanture wise pan ghana Sara doctor Che.aava doctors ni ahi khub jarur Che.thank you sir.

PCG BEARING AND MILLS STORES – I can Confidentiality say & Realized, Good On Earth 4 Cardiac patents.PANKAJ. GHELANI. RAJKOT

Don’t Boarder a Line,as,5 star OR Any STAR he is much more than that.

Rakesh PatelDr Keyur Parikh is very honest doctor.hu Bhagwan no upkar manu chu k Anne aava doctor no parichay thayo.ane aatli sari treatment melvi sakyo.i have excellent experience about treatment given by keyur sir.

Kiran Patel – Dr. Keyur Parikh is excellent cardiologist, best in skills and holding all the emotional touches. He is taking care of my entire family and very caring towards the patients.


Thanks for your support sir.

Jitendra Kotai – Dr. Parekh is an excellent cardiologist & a very pleasing personality. He manages communication well with patients as well as relatives and advises in a very precise and layman language which removes anxiety. Apart from that he always addresses all issues & queries of patients and relatives in very nice fashion.

Leeladhar JeengarDr keyur parikh is exillent Dr. in India.

Very good nature.

Very good treatment given to us.

There is no problem in cims hospital.

Sudhir Dave – A perfect and expert cardiologist. I came to know about him through internet and went for treatment from udaipur to ahemadabad. Fully satisfied and feel as if in safe hands. Request from him to have a referral branch at Udaipur and pray god to bless him.


Chief Planning Officer, Collectorate, Udaipur

Arihant Dugar – Dr.Keyur Parikh is one of the best cardiologist in India. Exillent treatment given to us.he has amazing personality. All staff fine.home service given by Dr. Keyur Sir which is wonder ful.

Thanks to all cims family

Sunil shrishrimal – Dr.keyur parikh is the bestest cardiologist in ahamdabad.he has more experiance about cardiac surgary.he give excelliant tretment to us.he give compleat attention to patiant.he is a very co oprative doctor.

Kashif Khan – Dr.keyur Parikh is the best doctor in the world. He is best personality and energetic.

To provide hospital to home service is amazing.For this service Pt.are fully satisfied.. I wish him all the very best…

Thank you Sir.!!!!!

Pathik acharya – To be a surgeon of heart is not a small thing but becoming surgeon of caring heart with human touch unprofessionally is great thing, which was possess by Dr. Keyur Parikh. I met lots of doctors in my life and in my profession.


Only Dr. Keyur Parikh a cardiologist with full of energy 24*7 and personally available to each patient when necessary and urgency. No one like to visit hospital again and again or even once in his life. It was only when necessitated by person then only he/she visit hospital. Dr. Keyur parikh knows the vain of common person and made CIMS a hospital home for the patient. Ahmedabad is very much greatfull of services of Dr. Keyur Parikh.


thanks Doctor for your services to the common men.

Sujal Sheth – Dr KEYUR PARIKH is a very good cardiologist in India my father was very serious he gave the best treatment and gave him a very good satisfaction and now he is very good

Desai Kalpesh – Dr.keyur parikh is an honest person.and his staff is provide good services.Dr.parikh is best & most experience cardiologist in gujarat.

usha jain – I went to CIMS Ahmedabad first time in August, 2014 for checkup of my husband Mr Vinod Nandecha. I was surprised to feel/see the promtness and behaviour of the Doctors specially Dr. K. P. who then applied Balloon Plasty successfully to my husband.

The staff is also very cooperative and carring.

I saw the cleanliness is maitained on priority basis 24 x7.

We are fully satisfied with the services provided by the CIMS

We wish Dr. K. P. all the BEST.

Kailash Trivedi – We were in touch with Dr. Keyur Parekh for My Mother Dhaku Bai Trivedi heart surgery. Frankly speaking I found him to be one of the most caring Doctors I have ever met. Due to his wise suggestions we opted for vascular surgery (Stent) instead of by pass and was truly the best suggestions made. Even after the surgery, he was concerned about my mother health and paid complete attention towards her recovery. Thank you sir for your help.

Dr. KP sir you are one of the Best cardiologist in India

soni YeshRaj – Dr keyur parikh is tha best cardiologist in Ahmedabad.he give best treatment to patients.his nature is very kindly and nice.he give all the answers asking bye patients.he is a senior doctor in cardiac sugary.

bipin chauhan – Dr.Keyur Parikh is one of the best cardiologist in India. Exillent treatment given to us.he has amazing personality.We are fully satisfied with Dr keyur parikh. His nature was amazing and best treatment given to us.

Jazz Design6 – Mr Jayantibhai C Thakkar- Dr Parikh has provided best treatment for heart.

he is also guided us to select best package for treatment in short best of the best

Dr.anil Gandhi – Dr KP sir is the most knowledgeable respected N most senior Dr in cardiology in Ahmedabad N more than that sir is best person best advisor N best human being I had ever meet in my life.sir has given us new life by giving world best treatment to my wife,..we pray to God that he serve more N more lives..Thanks for ur support N strength given to us..

vijay patel – KP sir nature is very down to earth very informative and after talking to Dr JAyant JHala our faith towards him was 100 % we believe in his treatment and management. Thank you very much cIMS hospital

RAHUL MEWARADr keyur parikh is the best cardiologist in India. Voyage bahut achhi treatment determine he.ase cardiac doctors ki India ko jar urate he.sahi treatment or sahi results de vese Doctor ki.

Aditi Patel – My uncle recently underwent an angiography by Dr. Keyur Parikh at CIMS Hospital. He was very calm and considerate in his approach which made our whole family really comfortable. We were really happy with the way everything was explained to us in detail as well as the treatment options and the treatment which was given. Thank you very much Dr. Keyur Parikh for taking such great care.

Vipin Panchal – Thank you for such a excellent treatment to my wife I m really very much thankful to you and I really apriciate your kindness and politeness with us and I will also like to thankful to your staff members also for such a nice support

tushar samar – Dr. Keyur Parikh is one of the best doctor not only by his talent but also by his nature. We had very good experience over there. All the facilities are good.

Gunvant Mehta – Dr keyur parikh ne hu 2002 na year thi odkhu chu.jemne mari paheli NGOplasti kari hati.aa surgery ma amne ghanu saru rau.doctor no swabhav ghano premal ane patients ne bovaj sari rite santosh thay a rite trit kare che.

mukesh thakkar – I’m very much thankful for getting right time treatment and surgery of my ramus artery now I am fine. During my visit to hospital and operation All doctors and staff member cooperation was fantastic I really appreciate your team work. On 30/4/16 your doctor came my home and check up me.thanks. Today I visit at hospital for my son Dr anish chandarana have checked my son Rajiv Mukesh Thakkar was complaint chest pain Immediately I rushed to CIMS now he is also fine. Thanks for best services.

Abhijeet chaudhary – From Arvindbhai chaudhary (mehsana),

Sir, I am very thankful to you for being the best heart Doctor and for taking the best care of the patients and I think the whole India needs the best doctors like u sir

NBPATEL LODRA – Dr.keyur parikh best cardiologist che.me anni appointment lidhi ana 2 j kalak ma amne mari NGOplasti kari hair.ane and ghani sari treatment aapi che.amno nature pan ghano saro che.

Satish Mistry – Dr. Parikh is best cardiologist in India. He is highly professional, very enthusiastic doctor in his field. I would like to thank Dr. Parikh for the best treatment he provided in CIMMS hospital.

BHARAT LADVA – dr keyur parikh is the best cardiologists.he give best treatment.he is a senior doctor in cardiac surgery.nice in nature.he touch with patients after a long time of surgery.

Prasmin Mehta – I met Dr. Keyur Parikh (popularly known at KP Sir) in CIMS hospital during the cardiac treatment of my father Praful Mehta. That Was my first experience with KP Sir. On the very first meeting i came to know about his proficiency in his profession. Although being a great doctor he is a great human being. I being a layman in medical science did not know which treatment should be given to my father. After meeting KP Sir and under his firm decision on the treatment and explanation on treatment, I decided to just follow what was guided to me by KP Sir.


We all would have been in touch with lot of doctors but what I like the best about the KP Sir was instead of giving options on the treatment he firmly gave a verdict about the best available treatment for my father. And that too a cost effective and affordable to us. There would be lot of persons who at a time would be seeking a firm decision from the doctor.


My personal experience with KP Sir is like a family’s elderly person guiding in difficult situations where you are squeezed in emotional sense and have to decide precisely in the the subject where by you are ignorant.


I think every medical studies should teach a healthcare provider to be sensible human and there after be a professional.


I would always be in touch with KP Sir and am so confident that in times I would get a sensible guidance from KP Sir.


Prasmin Prafulxhandra Mehta.

Pomchawala MohmadasifDr Keyur Parikh sir is the best cardiologist I have ever seen. Thank you so much sir for giving me a wonderful experience to work under your guidance.

Heta Vora – Dr.Keyur Parikh is one of the best cardiologist.He and his team at cims hospital are very cooperative.My father Bharat Kumar Shah came from Kolkata n has got the perfect treatment at cims.hospital .We are highly obliged to Keyur sir n his full hospital staff.They are very helpful . My father is also very glad with them and the personal care they all take of the patients.

Bindia Karia – We traveled to India with my 72 year old father with a very anxious mind set, but once we got into Ahmedabad from the minute the CIMS team received us from the airport to the clinical care, assistance, guidance and feeling of being home was explicit. Dr. Keyur with his expertise calmed all our anxious nerves and ensured we left the hospital satisfied and not to mention with a healthy happy father.


This was my second experience with Dr. Keyur Parikh and I must say he is the best we have got.


Asante Sana Daktari

Deepak Soni – Dr.keyur parikh is a very good personality to treat their patient.I am also his patient and i know it very well he treat their patient like his family’s member and his treatment is also too good as i feel in comparison other patient who treat different doctors.

I pray to God for his long live and God blessed him. Deepak soni “Mandsaur”

Vijendra Asopa – Last week on a Saturday evening, I was rushed into ER at SIMS Ahmedabad. Dr. Keyur Parikh was leaving for the day and had to come back from the parking lot to attend to me. He spent over 45 minutes with me and left only after ensuring that I was stable. On Sunday morning, he did an angiography followed by an angioplasty on me.

Dr Keyur Parikh is undoubtedly a highly experienced and proficient interventionist, and a well respected cardiologist known for his ethics, unassuming nature and humility. A thorough professional, he is open to communication and discussion, unhesitatingly exercising cautions and suggesting options, all in very clear terms, leaving no scope for confusion. As a patient, I felt confident and comfortable talking to him. One of the most notable things about the whole experience was his approachability – patients can call him directly, unlike many other senior doctors who are not so easily approachable.

Dr. Parikh’s warm personality, down-to- earth nature and good sense of humour is well reflected in the book ‘Heart to Heart’ authored by him. The book is a complete guide for a lay person about the functions of the heart, mechanics of heart problems, and their solutions. It educates, clears doubts, allays fears, and prepares one to deal effectively with heart related emergencies. The medical fraternity not concerned with cardiology can equally benefit from the book. The language is simple, yet highly informative. The book is entertaining as well. By adding jokes and anecdotes of his interaction with his patients, Dr Parikh makes many a medical myths, an enjoyable read of parables.

The staff at the CIMS hospital were efficient, courteous, and friendly, they made me feel at home. Few days after my discharge from the hospital, a team of two doctors showed up at home to do a check-up. This is a very well-thought of service for patients and highly appreciated. The leader sets the tone.

Dr. Parikh is a wonderful person and I am glad I met him. I wish it was not professionally (for obvious reasons!) but it does not matter. He made my heart good. Thank you, Dr.KP.

Abhishek Dhabhai – God have blessed him with amazing skills Dr Keyur is a very good doctor, humble person and a amazing human being, having my father and mother treated by him, I felt extremely obliged and thankful to dr Keyur Parikh.

I have seen hospitals and doctors worldwide and think that CIMS and dr Keyur makes all together different world of ethical medical treatment for patients. Very honest !

Strongly recommend dr Keyur and his team.

jamnadas gajera – I was very much satisfied with Dr.Keyur Parikh ‘s honest opinion for my heart problem was very much pleased with his polite attitude though

he is such a reputed doctor.


pravin vadhani

Dhaval Patel – One of the best doctor in cims. Nice experience and all the staff are really good and very cooperative. Dr. Keyur parikh is such a good person and very friendly.

Reeta Parikh – Fantastic hospital

My father had angioplasty done here while visiting from USA few years ago and he is still doing excellent after 4 years

He even had total knee replacement

Ankur ShahDr.Keyur Parikh Ghana Sara doctor che.temno swabhav jetlo saroche atluj kam pan saru che.amne amari treatment ghani saririte Kari che.doctor sir nokhub khub aabhar.

aparna joshi – There are doctors and doctors; but he is special. His professionalism, knowledge and willingness to spend time and explain the procedures and treatment is unmatched. I wish him all the very best. : Col. A K Mehra

Radheshyam Patil – Dr keyur parikh is the best cardiologist in ahamdabad.he give full attention to patient. He solve patients quary vary nicely.his nature is very fine.he give bested tritment to us.

jaydeep ravalji – Dr Keyur Parikh sir is a best combination of doctor and teacher who doesn’t only treat the disease but also teaches the medical facts with real life examples. He possess very high level positive energy which automatically reduce the 50% pain of patient.

On behalf of

Mahendrasinh Girvatsinh Ravalji

Harish Iyer – My Father L.S.Parameswaran, was operated upon by Dr. Keyur Parikh at CIMS, Ahmedabad. Our experience with Dr. Parikh and CIMS has been absolutely fantastic, Dr. Parikh has treated with a personal touch and the CIMS staff had been very professional.

sirajuddin farooqui – I am working in Dhaka,Bangladesh. I was having cardiac problem since last 3 months. In first week of June it becomes very serious when one of the reputed hospital has told me that I hv unstable angina. I need immediately to get hospitalised. I come to ahmedabad and discussed the matter with Dr Keyur Parikh of CIMS. He has told me that I do not hv any heart problem but for my satisfaction he has done angiography. It was normal. I really surprised to see his expertise in cardiac field. I strongly recommend others also to see him .

Jayesh Mavadiya – Dr.keyur parikh is a good cardiologist at cims and good Parsons also. He is great chairman at CIMS hospital & Excellnt Management so CIMS hospitality. today visit also cims & Dr.keyur & his team is nicely. Thank you Dr keyur parikh nice to meet you.

saumil patel – Dr.keyur parikh is one of the best cardiologist in ahmedabad..he gives best treatment n attension for patients..he is the very coopprative nd very good person..very good expereance on cims hospital..??

Lokesh Shah – Shashikant ambalal SHAH Dr. Keyur Parikh


We are in touch with Dr.keyur Parikh since last 3 years and we are getting full support response n quick service I.e medical as well as all type of.

NAMRATA PAAREKH – Dr keyur Parikh is one of the best cardiologist doctor in india..he is a trating pattern,plan and patient satisfaction is the most appraciable dignety..

kunal sanadhyaRavindra kumar sanadhya


Indubitably great treatment and astonishing care from dr. Keyur sir. The way he treats to his patient is commendable. Kudos!!.

Dinesh Makwana – Dr. Keyur Parikh is best cardiologist.He has a very nice nature and he is also very humble and soft spoken person.I admit my mother for the placement of pacemaker in CIMS.CIMS staff and all the doctors are very good with excellent nature.Now my mother is absolutely fine,all because of Dr. Parikh.Thanks to him….

paresh kagi – Dr. Keyur Parikh is exillent in Cims hospital. Exillent treatment given with good behave and sympathy.

Thank you sir for save my father life.

Once again thanks sir.

Darshan vaishnav – Dr.keyur parikh is one of the best cardiologist in India. We are fully satisfied with Dr keyur parikh. His nature was amazing and best treatment given to us.

Tanks Sir snd God bless you.

Home service also given which is amazing.

Shantilal PRAJAPATI – Excellency = Keyur PARIKH.

He is an perfect example of doctor how doctor should be. My father became big fan of him.

Thank you sir.

laksh Mody – Dr. Keyur Parikh is among one of the best known doctors in Gujarat, as well as India, Chairman of CIMS Hospital, Ahmedabad. He has Excellence cardiologist. he is very genious and known as a humble man…..thanks so much sir… for you cooperation…

Ashok Doshi – Dr. keyur Parikh is one of the best cardiologist in western India,being a doctor as well as very humble & caring person.As a patient of him,I am in contact with him since last five years,he is a very nice doctor.


Ashok Doshi

parimal bhadani – my father had recently undergone bypass surgery at cims hospital ahmedabad under DR keyur parikh sir supervison i on behalf of my entire family would like to thank him and his entire team at cims hospital ahmedabad for all the care and supports they have shown dr keyur parikh sirs care, supports and experience has brethed new life into us. His very presence, cordial nature and way of attending patients and relatives makes one feel to be in safe hands. The same is also true of the entire staff be it the Administration, billing section, general check up section to those in the CCU. All the procedures were hassle free and the hospitality is indeed great. Dr. Parikh’s rich experience and explanation at each step ensures very low bearing on the patient and family. I wish all the best to him and his entire staff for their endeavor in bringing and providing best medical treatment to people in India. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  • • •

Thakor PatelOn July 7th I started getting dizzy spells and checked my pulse, it was slow so I knew that I needed cardiac evaluation, I was in Vadodara. Next day we went to a meeting with the Director of IIT Gandhinagar to encourage rural research in toilets, chulas etc. After the meeting we went to CIMS, I knew the owner Dr. Keyur Parikh, so I thought it is a safe hospital and it is predominantly cardiac care. I was evaluated by Drs Parikh, Ajay Naik and was told that I needed a permanent pacemaker. The pacemaker I got was Medtronic A3DR01 with serial number PZK7544938. They did a fabulous job and it is an excellent hospital full of very competent doctors. On July 20th I went to get my staples removed and get final evaluation by Dr. Naik, everything was fine and got a clean chit to travel back to the US. At CIMS there are two Medtronic employees Rushikesh Hathy and Vinod Nair, they are terrific and did my PM evaluation and also explained the follow up procedure. Vinod is a very young person and told me he has a pacemaker for the past 12 years for a congenital heart block. They made me feel good and very comfortable. Your company should feel very proud that they have such employees and in my opinion starting from the top with executives like yourself and at the patient level such employees is truly a credit to Medtronics. I am writing this to congratulate your company, CIMS and the wonderful employees and want to thank you all for such wonderful care I got. I have been evaluated by Virginia Heart and everything is fine.


Keyur, you have a beautiful hospital and the entire staff was very polite and helpful.


Ajay, thank you for all that you did for me and making me feel very comfortable by answering all the questions in a very professional manner and making me feel at ease. On a side note, there was a person who accompanied me to CIMS on the 7th and 20th by the name of Kirtibhai, unfortunately he passed away on July 28, probably cardiac( he had prior stents and CABG), he did not wake up from sleep, the irony of the whole thing, he was so kind to help me with my issue and God takes him away. Sorry for this information but I hope he had his evaluation at your institution instead of Vadodara. Best wishes.



Thakor G. Patel, MD, MACP


chaudhari kanu chaudhari kanu – Dr. keyur patel is great cardiologist holding all the emotional touches. he has down to earth nature and very caring towards the patients



Anup Sukhiya – Had a great experience at CIMS Hospital, Ahmedabad.


Having worked in various cities across India and visiting hospitals there (some of them being big names as well). I never imagined that visiting CIMS and having treatment there will be that much smooth and professional experience.


The services offered by CIMS Management and especially by Dr. Keyur Parikh and CIMS staff was really commendable, professional and excellent. My father was admitted to CIMS on 16/09/2015 evening as recommended since he had a heart attack 5 days back

All the proceedings started as soon as we were allotted a room which was a very brisk, post which in the evening Dr. Keyur visited us and made us understand how the process/things (Angiography OR Angioplasty) would go ahead from here in order to start with the treatment.

He answered all the questions, queries and doubts of my father and all the family members.


The good part was the way he managed and attended my father which made his treatment look very small and helped him to gain confidence.

The best thing which I like about Mr. Keyur Parikh is his professional approach and transparency which he had incorporated among all his team and the way he manages his team i.e. the whole team under him know their one common goal and they achieve it diligently.


Apart from this, you would never ever see anyone in the Hospital who is not smiling and talking, especially with the Patient (including all attendants and nurses too), they really follow their tag line i.e. “Patient first” (if I am not wrong) and you can feel that how they are enjoying their work with full excitement.


Dr. Keyur, all I would like to say now is that after our experience with CIMS family I can vouch on You, Your staff, and your management and would love to recommend CIMS hospital to anyone. I think this is the best hospital of Ahmadabad where you and your beloved ones will be taken care with full responsibility and professionalism. Kudos to you guys.



Kalpeshkumar Patel – great job done by dr keyur sir 6 years before my father’s Angiography done, after till date my father is very healthy and fit. heartly thank u so much sir… keep it up….Just heard that Doctors are like GOD on earth, but i can say i have seen by you..

kailash joshi – Thankful to you sir and home visit facillity are very much appreciating .the way you deal with patient is ideal

Madhusudan Bhagat – a cardiologist with cool head and large heart.i as a patient very much satisfied with his treatment and attitude of him and CIMS family.thank you very much for boosting me.


before few days my uncle was admitted in CIMS hospital with Critical case. Outer wall of Heart is almost damaged and blockage are also at high end.

We admitted him in critical case and they treat him very smoothly and after angiography we came to know that Heart is very week and All three vain are blocked major was 90%. Dr.Keyur parikh had decided to put stand in that Blockage, case was too much critical as main two organ Heart and Kidney was week but Than also Dr.Keyur parikh had decided to put stand and Now result is my uncle is fit.

me and My whole family members are very Thank full to Dr.Keyur parikh and their Team. They are too good and treat the patient very carefully.

Pankaj Solanki – Dr. Keyur Parikh Sir – The Men with full of knowledge and Care.


The men on this earth who just don’t have a good heart but he has a caring heart with human touch. What can we say about Dr. Keyur Parikh?


Because if we have to write about him, then I think there is deficiency of words to describe him. If I have to describe Dr. Keyur Parikh then, I will say like that:


K – Kind and Knowledgeable.

E – Energetic.

Y – You are the one.

U – Understanding.

R – Reliable and Responsible.


Sir, you are a life saver, I surely and undoubtedly say that you are the BEST doctor in this world.

When I came to your hospital with my father for treatment, then I got nervous at that time. But when I came to your office and saw you, then I don’t know what happened to me, I am feeling like that I am at the right place with the right person’s safe hands in my eyes.

You and your team especially Dr. Dhiren Shah Sir are very helpful and awesome. In your hospital, patients are treated very humbly and we also have family feelings. Sir, you are not just a surgeon of heart but you are the heart of this world, and we are very lucky to have you nearby my city.

My father Mr. Prem Prakash Solanki is very lucky that he has got the best treatment in the best hospital with the best doctors and staffs.

I am very thankful to you and your team for everything you have done for us. And I will be certain to continue to recommend you and CIMS to everyone I know.

Akash Patel – My father, Mr Pravin Patel had recently found a 70% blockage of a vein in heart and had a conculted under Dr keyur parikh. i would say that he is the best dr in ahmedabad in the field of cardiologist. he guided my father so well that without any operation and with the help of medicines he is all well now. reports are 100% normal as we are following the guidelines said by the dr.

chandresh desai – I came to know Dr. Keyurbhai Parikh 10 yrs. back when he did Angioplasty on me. I found in him a pleasing personality, thorough in his subject. He explained the procedure in detail before carrying out the procedure. To day we find Drs. are always in short of time. They hardly have time to talk to patients, leaving that part to their assistants. This is not the case with Dr. Keyurbhai. He talks to patients, explains everything to them & tells patients not to leave his office till he is fully satisfied. He also explains the patients how to reduce expenditure. Everyday he examines lots of patients. He may have to take more time for one of his patient. Then to next patient & patients to follow he would apologise for the delay in examination. As a result of this patients like me have become friends with him. I always feel at home when I meet him.

He is BEST in HIS Field ready to learn new things,carry out research activities. Earning money is not his only goal. Likes to do charity. Has kept more than 10% of Beds for that.

I wish him ALL THE BEST & also wish God will give him many many more years to carry out excellent activities for human beings at large.

Parth Ravat – i hv admitted my grandfather over there in cims hospital Ahmedabad, dr keyur parikh attend him well treat him with best treatment. he is specialist of heart.very good doctor has very friendly behaviour with Patient…we are satisfied with dr keyur…….

Upendra Mehta – keyur parikh is the best dr. in that town, for heart related treatment. on the basis of my experience, a part best dr. he is also a perfect gentlemen and a good human being for his patients. he takes very personal care of all the patients irrespective whether rich or poor.

his two published books entitled “Ruday ni vato dil thi” are worth reading by all people having heart related Problems. both the books are very well informative and giving deep insight of various drugs that are being used for heart problems.

i strongly recommend this dr. to all

Het Prakash Patel – great experience then above hospital Keyur Parikh sir is a best . They take care of patient like a family member.

Ankesh Garg – My father had recently undergone angioplasty at CIMS Ahmedabad under Dr. Keyur Parikh’s supervision. I on behalf of my entire family would like to thank him and his entire team at CIMS Ahmedabad for all the care and support they have shown. Dr. Parikh’s care, support and experience has breathed new life into us. His very presence, cordial nature and way of attending patients and relatives makes one feel to be in safe hands. The same is also true of the entire staff be it the Administration, billing section, general check up section to those in the CCU. All the procedures were hassle free and the hospitality is indeed great. Dr. Parikh’s rich experience and explanation at each step ensures very low bearing on the patient and family.

I wish all the best to him and his entire staff for their endeavor in bringing and providing best medical treatment to people in India.

Thanks and keep up the good work.






Parth Shah – Dr. Keyur Parikh is one of the best cardiologist I had came across . I had brought my wife (Asha Shah Dt. 31 Oct 2014) in critical condition. Treatment given for CAG + PAMI to RCA done by doctor is really appreciate. I have no words to say thanks to him.dr has given new life to my wife.CIMS hospital having good facilities and good nursing staff – Rajnikant Shah (Gandhinagar)

Avani Shah – Dear Dr. Keyur Parikh



I offer my heartfelt thanks for the treatment and care you have taken for my father Mr.Atulbhai Mulchandbhai Shah has received under your careful treatment.


I would like to inform you that my father is fine now. He has speedy recovery, all the credit for which goes to you and cims hospital. I am also pleased to inform you that my father is doing well because of your kind advise/treatment.


Thank you very much for your kindness and the care you have taken for my father’s illness, after such a serious heart attack he had held at Bhavnagar and bringing him to the CIMS hospital from Bhavnagar. I had never thought the he could be alive but the way you and your supporting staff handled his emergency is indeed commendable.


We always got all kind of the support from the other doctors and staff; they didn’t allow us to have any problems. They are also very polite, cordial and well behaviour with the patient family members.


I think my father was lucky to be admitted in CIMS Hospital under your treatment and other staff also really took good care of my mother and my little sister Mausmi who wanted good moral support after a socking incident in Bhavnagar.


I will be certain to continue to recommend you to everyone I know.


Dr. Keyur Parikh Sir, you are a Life Saver, I believe that you are an amazing surgeon and an amazing man. Your talent both in the operating room and out is a become of hope for the future of all your patients/humankind. I would further like state here that even though you are an expert in Cardiology but you have no proud- a very simple , noble mankind and by seeing your face/taking with you patient will forget his illness.


I believe that you are one of the best doctor in the world.


God bless you!


Thank You Sir.

With Best Regards,

Avani Atulbhai Shah (IT Professional)

Jaimin Patel – as a doctor he is no doubt a very talented and have good experience and knowledge.

he is a nice person by nature and have great sense to talk with patients and their relatives and supportive too.

good exp of cims hospital and dr keyur.

Narendra Arora – I am 47 year old, medium built person with absolutely no health issues i.e no BP, no sugar etc with a normal lifestyle till last year. However after my father and cousin’s heart attack I went to Dr. Keyur Parikh to check my heart condition although there were no symptoms of any heart ailments. Dr Keyur Parikh did Angiography and whole sky fall down on me. There was 80% blockage in my main heart artery. I then underwent angioplasty at CIMS which was performed by Dr. Keyur himself. I was his second patient to whom he inserted absorbable stent. Since then I am regularly in touch with Dr Keyur. His soothing behaviour is an added advantage over his expertise in angioplasty. I rate him as a fine medical practitioner and a good human being.

Jaydeepsinh Gohil – Me and my family is thankfull to Dr. keyur parikh for taking care of my father since 1996 precence of my father at the age of 80 is due to him all credits goes to him.Our family have 100% trust on him.

Gitanjali Mittal – he is man of his words…..manificient personality

a perfect blend of gratitude and excellence.

bhopal c. Lodha – About an expert cardiologist having an Human Heart….


My son(Subodh kumar lodha, udaipur) recently got heart attack and so he went to CIMS hospital Ahmedabad for treatment from Dr. Keyur Parikh. Dr. Parikh examined him at the appointed time on 21dec, 2014 and conducted angiography. Dr. Parikh found major block in his right artery. he explained to my son and persons accompanying him every detail of the problem, the treatment required, and what would be the fee depending upon what type of stuns to be fixed. after taking the consent the work was done to the full satisfaction of all. my son’s wife and other person accompanying him on their return were highly satisfied not only with Dr. Parikh’s ability as cardiologist but also about his behavioral treatment with my son and other persons accompanying him. they felt he is very noble person. they also came with all the praise for the whole team of doctors, nursing staff, and neat and clean facilities available at the hospital.

i am writing this as today in India in the medial profession there are not many who are so able and clean in their profession as Dr. Parikh and his team. though its not a pleasure to visit a doctor but when needed its certainly a pleasure to be treated by a doctor like Dr. Keyur Parikh and his team and at CIMS hospital.

-prof. B C lodha

formerly vice chancellor J.V.B. university .

Gautamkumar kbp – Dr. Parikh is very honest,caring and most accurate suregens,i had ever seen in my life.He is a gem of a person and very clear vocal doctor and we love this quality of him.

Rajni Patel – Dr Keyur Parikh is excellent Cardiologist, Individual Care for every patient. He is very calm and loved nature person.

mahendra dashora – Best Doctor in India for cardiac arrest. Provides full guidance and support to the patient. Very lenient in talking and available 24*7 for the patient. Full power to him

Alap Desai – Highly recommend!

Dr. Parikh is undoubtedly one of the best in the profession and above that is a very warm and genuinely well meaning individual. After the first interaction for my dad, he has now become the keeper of health for our whole family.

His practice is highly ethical. We trust him and his team to make all the right decisions concerning our family’s well being.

rahul munjani – Have been having good experience. Indeed benefited from his rich experience. Thanks Dr.

Anil Desai – I am very very happy to meet you and very satisfied with your help Thanks keep doing the Good work you are doing.

All the best in your future challenges.

Mausmi Shah – My experience with CIMS is excellent. I want share my experience about accident. when I met with an accident and admitted at CIMS I was getting immediate treatment as well as getting familiar atmosphere. I was getting all support from all Doctors and supporting staff.

Devang Galiya – Best doctor for heart diseases….My mother has 100% long blockage in right artery. Dr.Keyur Parikh Sir had removed it by putting 3 stent ….really he is good doctor and as individual also he is too calm and co-operative.Team is also supportive and carring.


Pankaj Popshetwar – Very Good Human Being, Vast Experience of Many Decade and Solve Most Complex and Challenging Cases, Detailed Case Investigation, Thorough Diagnosis, Prescribe Necessary Treatment Only, Best Doctor I even met, Accompanied by Highly Skilled & Professional Staff.

Sanjay Moonat – 100% reliable good experienced and well behaved personality not usually found in this profession

Good diagonosis and treatment

Trupti Thaker – I personally met Dr. Keyur sir. His way of consulting and behaviour is really good. He treat like family. I have never seen this type of Dr. Full day he is very busy and too much patients are coming for their treatment. Thanks sir for giving us a good time

Babu Khan – Dr Keyur Parikh is really impressive person I have ever seen in my life. Me and my family respect him. We came here from last 3 years. Very good staff and doctors.

Sunil Mehta– I am consulting Dr. Keyur parikh since 1996. Very happy as we are their old patient. He is very enthusiastic. We follow his all treatment and information. Very good satisfied

Naresh Ramani – All cardiologist team are so well n good Dr is very nice n good. Well trained staff. Best hospital culture. Maintain good. Patient care and patient first is really best. In cims I observed so many things and at all level they maintain good. Nice keep it up. God will give u a long life so u can treat more and more patients.

Ravi Gupta – sir, you are the 2 nd face of GOD.


we are not able to give suggestions about you

everything is perfect.

thank you much once again sir. god bless you

Rk Raval – Best cardiologist available in India. Very down to earth person and easily available on mobile. Diagnosis wise also listens to patients carefully and steadily.

Shriram Deodhar – Dr keyur Parikhl is a best cardiologist. But above all he is very good person in all manner. We feel very comfortable to talk with Dr Keyur Parikh. He listen ver carefully & give full attention to our problem .

Aliredha Khakoo – Dr keyur originally from Tanzania..

He was really welcoming made us feel at home.. his team did a wonderful job.

Thank you doctor.. karibu (welcome) Tanzania.

We will be glad to serve you when you come there.

Pratima Pindi – We find him very good n cheerful doctor, very polite n friendly with patients… And yes, the whole staff is also very polite

NARENDRA RathoreDr. Keyur parikh always give positive response. I like to recommend others for check up in cims. Very good atmosphere,staff, culture and doctors

Deepak Jain – All cardiologist Dr are so well n good special Dr Keyur Parikh sir is best all staff is good thank u from pramod Kumar Jain

Narendra Sawant – Best cardiologist in India. Very very supportive person ever. Cims is the best for every treatment. I appreciate to every staff and doctors who always present for caring. Thanks a lot

MaheshDutt Joshi – I visited cims from 2003. I will recommend others to come and checkup here. Every services available here. Specially foundation services is very excellent. Dr. Keyur parikh and team is appreciatable. Good. Thanks for the support

Minaxi Patel – regular management system is very good. Appriciate staff efforts. Best treatment. Dr. keyur parikh is like our family member. We appreciate him for his technique

Chirayush Kumbhare – Dr. Keyur Parikh sir is very kind in nature and treat the patient with ample care. His treatment give total comfort and satisfaction to patient. His nature and attitude towards the patient is very friendly and keep on feeling good. I personaly thanks keyur sir for my father treatment and bringing him back on track from worst condition.

Bhavna Parmar – Best cardiologist team. Good communication skill towards staff and team. New latest technology and good patient caring. In CIMS at every level you can trust. Excellent Services. We are satisfied with Dr. Keyur parikh. Thanks sir

Rajveer Saini – all cardiologist Dr are so good we r very satisfied with his work Dr keyur parikh is very nice n good person

Suresh Bagwan – Best services at Cims. Doctor’s team is very supportive. Today I visited here for the first time. I observed that staff, cleaning and all very good. Management is best here

Ramesh Bagwan – I am very much satisfied with Dr. Keyur Parikh and cims staff. I have referred so many patients here. Best technology and good atmosphere. Appreciate to all who work for patient care

Chaitanya Malukani – Doctor’s attitude is cooperating and giving all answer which we ask. Staff attitude also very satisfied. Perticular nursing staff was too good. Vaidehi Patel’s attitude is good and her asking questions is very skillfully. Miral Patel is also too good. History of dr. Keyur Parikh is good but cost is some high

jalam purohit – Doctor opinion is excellent. Team of Dr. Keyur parikh is good. Dr. Keyur parikh treat me for double valve replacement. He is genuine and good person. Thank to him and his team

Brijesh Chauhan – Genuine and very supportive doctor. I have never seen this type of doctor. I am impressed with him

Hariharan Nair – By n large, it has been smooth. However, there is delay in d primary check up area. Suggest to reduce waiting time @ primary check up. Doctors r friendly n listen well. Facilities r good.

Sudhir Sony – All cardiologist Dr are so well n good Dr keyur parikh sir is very nice n good men thank u sir u are very good n very nice

Mayur Jain – It’s a treat to meet Dr. Keyur Parikh, solved each and every issues regarding Health problem. The way he gave solution and services for every Problem it’s commendable.

Thank you.

sachin dave – My father Mr. Kishor Dave was admitted for for angioplasty before a month. Today we came here for the follow up. Staff and doctor team very Cooperative. Cims is best in patient care. Happy with cims and always recommend others.

Sabiya Chhipa – My father Mohammad safer is very happy and we all with in touch with Dr. Keyur sir. He support us. His nature is really kind. Also staff is very supportive

Rekha Jain – Best staff and good doctor. Best services and happy. Wonderful experience over here. Best team nd you can trust so thanks to all

Kaloo Lal KumawatI am patient of dr. Keyur parikh last 10 years. He is like a god for me.very nice personality.an cims hospital is worlds best hospital.

Niranjan` Deliwala – I had took 2 stants. In cims I observed that services are really good and best. Good communication. And best staff

Kantibhai Tapovan – Very good hospital and best cardiologist team. Happy to hear about 3 success heart transplant in cims. Wonderful . Glad to be as a cims patient. Very supportive staff. Thanks to Dr. Keyur Parikh who always give his precious time to all patient.

Rajesh PatelDr. Keyur parish did angioplasty before 6years ago. My father is healthy and happy. We heard about first heart transplant in cims. We are glad that we patient of cims hospital.. Thanks and all the best team

Satish Soni – Dr. Keyur sir very genuine. I like his way of treatment and way to guide the patients. We already refer for cims from our village. Very satisfy. All staff are also cooperative

Nishal Nanavati – We totally satisfied with KP sir. He is the top cardiologist in India . my father is absolutely fine n happy. Thanks sir

Pranav Shukla – Good nature with human touch. Very cooperative staff and number one cardiologist in india. Cims is the best for every treatment

rajesh kumar Gupta – I am taking his treatment for 9 years and I have no complaints.I am satisfied with his methods and even after my angioplasty I am able to lead a healthy life.

Devsingh ZinzuvadiyaOn 19 January 2017 Dr. Keyur parikh did 3 stants till now I am healthy and happy. Wonderful doctor with good heart. No waste of time and happy patients all

Vijay – My sister in law Mrs. Pushpaben Joshi is always take advice from Dr. Keyur Parikh. She is coming in cims from 2008. Nice staff and structure. Good technology.

Aashu PatelBest cardiologist. Good nature. Very cooperative and also well maintain staff. Like cims hospital.

Rasiklal Soni – Hello

I am Dr. Keyur parikh’s 22 year old patient. He is very good and genuine person. I can’t describe him in the words. Thanks sir for always guiding us.

Ashok Dhakad – My father Mr. Bhagirath is very well now. We are satisfied with cims and always prefer for the treatment of Dr. Keyur parikh. He is extra ordinary person.

Kanji HotalBest hospital in gujarat. all doctor team are very intelligent. Dr. Keyur parikh behave always like friendly and we feel like our family

Deepak Yadav – My father Mr. Shyamkumar yadav is 100% satisfied with Dr. Keyur parikh. Good hospital for any treatment. Best cardiologist nd doctors team also well maintained staff. Thanks for the best treatment

haren vaidya – I like dr. Keyur Sir’s guidance… very good nature. And best treatment given to me. Also his hospital is very good

Neha Vaishnav – Wonderful person with golden heart. We experienced perfect guidenc from him. No west of time and quick discussion for their petient is make him perfect doctor. He is chairman of CIMS hospital and have great team of cardiologist. No worries if you are going to cure yourself. You are in safe hands.

Vasudev Ameta – Dr. Keyur Parikh did 1 stand before 9 years ago. After that I don’t need any surgery am healthy now and happy with family. I would like to recommend others for cims

Arun Kubavat – My father keshavlal is 82 years old. Dr. Keyur parikh did angiography on 4 August 2017. Today we came here for the follow up. In cims we got every personal care and best treatment and services which is very wonderful. Doctors nature and staff are very cooperative

vipul desaiwonderful people and very talented team. cims provides high class treatment. smiling face and infrastructure are lovely

Vishnu Khetawat – Best experience in cims. First heart transplant in cims is really proudful. Nice staff and all management is good. Staff are really cooperative and helpful. Thanks to dr. Keyur parikh nd all staff

Maninder Arora – My mother in law Mrs Harbans Kaur always take advice from Dr keyur parikh and team. He is like our family member. Very genuine. All management system is good in CIMS. His application is very helpful. Thanks

Shankar TrivediI visited in cims since 4 yers .In 2013 Dr. Dhiren shah did bypass and Dr. Keyur parikh did angioplasty but till now I am healthy and happy with cims family. Thanks to all who always help us. Patient care is really impressive

Gautambhai Tripathi – I like to come in cims. All is good here. Polite staff and doctor team is too good. Attendants to doctor all good. Very clean hospital

mahavir prasad agrawal – Dr. Keyur Parikh did angioplasty in 2013 and in 2003 he also did angioplasty but till now I am very healthy and happy

Dr. Bhanuprasad Audichya – I am in touch with Dr. keyur parikh from 23 years. He is very genuine person. I need quality so always come in CIMS. patient care, best treatment,smiley faces, best guidence, and good team of doctor and staff. Very nice

Heer Soni – I am satisfied with cims hospital. Narsinhbhai barmeda is very happy. 2 stents applied by Dr. Keyur parikh.

Jagedia 15951 – I am very satisfied with the treatment of dr. Keyur parikh. I am his 20 years old patients. Services at cims is excellent

Akshi – Mrs. Sudha my mother in law is healthy and happy with doctor. Thanks and wonderful experience here also will recommend orhers

Dhiru Solanki – Dr. Dhiren shah did bypass before 4 years. And under Dr. Keyur parikh took 3 stants.. Good experience over here and healthy. Good management. Wonderful staff. Doctors treat very kindly and friendly

Sahil Vaghela – Good management and staff. Cooperative doctor. Very good nursing and I like the latest technology and facilities

Jambu kadawat – We are connected with Keyur Pareek sir from 2010. Sir’s treatment is the best in India. You can blindly trust the treatment. You will not feel cheated as of other hospitals in India.

Dinesh Kabra – i like the way of guidelines nd staff. doctor treatment is good. m satisfied. m Fine now. i had done angioplasty but today i m healthy

Daxa Patel – My father Mr. Gandhi Patel had done angiography before 3 years ago. Very good treatment and best culture in cims. Staff also very train and professional

Devraj Bagmar – Mr. Parasmal who is under treatment of Dr. Keyur Parikh. He has done angioplasty in 2014. We all are satisfied and happy patient. Dr. Keyur Parikh is very cooperative and genuine person

Prahlad Patel – Excellent&very good filling.I always recommend dr.keyur sir for heart disease to other my friends&relatives.thanks

Gopinathan PillaiExcellent doctor. He is like our family members. We recommend others to come in cims. Heart transplant first in cims is wonderful. Nice experience here and staff also very supportive. We always approach dr. Keyur bhai he is very genuine and gentleman person. Thanks and god bless u

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      Are you searching for the  Best Cardiologist & Cardiac (Heart) Specialist, or Heart Doctor in Ahmedabad ? Are you searching for Best Cardiologist in Ahmedabad or Gujarat? Do you need the best angioplasty or best angiography expert in India?

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      Dr. Keyur Parikh is cardiologist who has won many more such top awards and his peers time and time regard him as one of the best doctors in Ahmedabad as well as cardiologist in Ahmedabad. He is reputed amongst the top cardiologists in Gujarat and western India. Dr. Keyur Parikh is also the founding Chairman of 179 bed multi-super speciality state-of-the-art Green Eco-friendly CIMS Hospital which boasts of being the first heart transplant hospital in Gujarat.


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      Dr. Keyur Parikh was Born in Tanzania (East Africa) in 1958. Dr. Keyur Parikh  was followed by careers in India, USA and back to India. His father and grandfather were also born in Tanzania, East Africa. He is the U.S. Board Certified Cardiologist and Cardiovascular Interventionist by qualification. Dr. Keyur Parikh has been a Clinical Cardiologist and Cardiovascular Interventionist since 1987. Dr. Keyur Parikh completed his medical studies at Smt. N.H.L. Municipal Medical College, Ahmedabad.



      Dr. Keyur Parikh also has a Facebook page based on his published books meant for education of the common man written in English, Gujarati and Hindi which is completely focused on patient education and care. He uses information from the book to help educate people on importance of taking good care of health through years of knowledge and experience.



       CIMS Hospital, where Dr. Keyur Parikh works is rated as the best hospital in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and one of the best Hospitals in India through awards by recognized institutes, reviews of patients on Google, Just Dial and many other online portals and social media channels. CIMS Hospital was the first hospital that completed a heart transplant in Gujarat.  



       Dr. Keyur Parikh’s Blog is a very well updated place to check out healthcare postings. His website is regarded as a very informative and education website as per Google and other search portals from around the world. Let us help you in contacting with the best cardiologist in Ahmedabad – Dr. Keyur Parikh

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      Dr. Keyur Parikh is recognized as one of the best cardiologists in Ahmedabad, let alone India and has received numerous international and national awards from various prestigious organizations. More importantly the satisfaction of his patients remain number one to prove it. Dr. Keyur Parikh is the best cardiac consultant you could ever choose. Dr. Keyur Parikh is a also a philanthropist and engages in philanthropy. 


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      Dr. Keyur Parikh has also developed several mobile applications that works on Android and IOS to encourage patient education, health information as well as to help the community at large and understand the importance of early diagnosis of heart disease, and the importance of being pro-active to take care of their health. All of his mobile applications are available free of cost to download on any smart device around the world.

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