About an expert cardiologist having an Human Heart….My son(Subodh kumar lodha, udaipur) recently got heart attack and so he went to CIMS hospital Ahmedabad for treatment from Dr. Keyur Parikh. Dr. Parikh examined him at the appointed time on 21dec, 2014 and conducted angiography. Dr. Parikh found major block in his right artery. he explained to my son and persons accompanying him every detail of the problem, the treatment required, and what would be the fee depending upon what type of stuns to be fixed. after taking the consent the work was done to the full satisfaction of all. my son’s wife and other person accompanying him on their return were highly satisfied not only with Dr. Parikh’s ability as cardiologist but also about his behavioral treatment with my son and other persons accompanying him. they felt he is very noble person. they also came with all the praise for the whole team of doctors, nursing staff, and neat and clean facilities available at the hospital. i am writing this as today in India in the medial profession there are not many who are so able and clean in their profession as Dr. Parikh and his team. though its not a pleasure to visit a doctor but when needed its certainly a pleasure to be treated by a doctor like Dr. Keyur Parikh and his team and at CIMS hospital. -prof. B C lodha formerly vice chancellor J.V.B. university .