Dr. Keyur Parikh was sent by God to help countless persons. His skills are by far the best in his line. My family has a strong heart-related medical history and it is a great peace of mind for my family that Dr. Keyur Parikh is in the city where we live. He is incredibly organized and amazingly energetic. In his extremely busy life, he can remain incredibly calm under immense pressure. I don’t know where he gets so much energy from. Whenever I see him, I can feel his energy. Even thinking about him makes me energetic. I have never seen him talk hurriedly. He carefully chooses his words and speaks with so much clarity that it is impossible to misunderstand him. That is a great quality for a busy Doctor like him. No wonder, he is a great speaker and is frequently called upon to deliver lectures. I have never met any Doctor who has impressed me more than Dr. Keyur Parikh has and probably will never meet any Doctor like him. Dr. Keyur Parikh is a fantastic human being. May God create more humans and Doctors like Dr. Keyur Parikh. The world needs Doctors like him. For any heart-related trouble, I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Keyur Parikh.