“I came to know Dr. Keyurbhai Parikh 10 yrs. back when he did Angioplasty on me. I found in him a pleasing personality, thorough in his subject. He explained the procedure in detail before carrying out the procedure. To day we find Drs. are always in short of time. They hardly have time to talk to patients, leaving that part to their assistants. This is not the case with Dr. Keyurbhai. He talks to patients, explains everything to them & tells patients not to leave his office till he is fully satisfied. He also explains the patients how to reduce expenditure. Everyday he examines lots of patients. He may have to take more time for one of his patient. Then to next patient & patients to follow he would apologise for the delay in examination. As a result of this patients like me have become friends with him. I always feel at home when I meet him.
He is BEST in HIS Field ready to learn new things,carry out research activities. Earning money is not his only goal. Likes to do charity. Has kept more than 10% of Beds for that.
I wish him ALL THE BEST & also wish God will give him many many more years to carry out excellent activities for human beings at large.”