I have a couple of very good experience of Dr. Parikh once I dialed a phone number that I got from the website by searching his name on a friday night about 9:30 PM to get an appointment for my grandfather who was very ill. We were planning to take him to US for treatment after a horrible experience in a hospital in Surat. I thought I was dialing the phone number of CIMS hospital to my surprise he answered the call and he asked me how I got his personal cellular number, I told him I got it from a website and I was calling to get his appointment for the next day which was a Saturday. I expected a reply that he would instruct me to call the hospital number and get an appointment but instead he asked me what condition my grandfather was. I explained him the situation and he agreed to see him the next day which was a Saturday he said usually he doesn’t see patients on Saturdays but he told me to bring my grandfather on Saturday and saw him and started the treatments immediately. He saved my grandfather’s life. I am from USA and the experience I had with him was much better than even any doctor in US. We have heard and experienced many times the attitude of many doctors in India is not good when you go for treatments they are hardly willing to talk or explain the condition or medications. Dr. Keyur Parikh is an exception given his stature as one of the best cardiologist in Gujarat he takes time to talk to patients no matter of their financial condition. Just yesterday I saw him with my Grandmother while waiting outside I saw his consulting room door was constantly open and saw him how he speaking with every patients with care and politely. Thank you Dr. Parikh for what you do and taking care of my family and treating us as human beings.