I met Dr. Keyur Parikh (popularly known at KP Sir) in CIMS hospital during the cardiac treatment of my father Praful Mehta. That Was my first experience with KP Sir. On the very first meeting i came to know about his proficiency in his profession. Although being a great doctor he is a great human being. I being a layman in medical science did not know which treatment should be given to my father. After meeting KP Sir and under his firm decision on the treatment and explanation on treatment, I decided to just follow what was guided to me by KP Sir.We all would have been in touch with lot of doctors but what I like the best about the KP Sir was instead of giving options on the treatment he firmly gave a verdict about the best available treatment for my father. And that too a cost effective and affordable to us. There would be lot of persons who at a time would be seeking a firm decision from the doctor. My personal experience with KP Sir is like a family’s elderly person guiding in difficult situations where you are squeezed in emotional sense and have to decide precisely in the the subject where by you are ignorant. I think every medical studies should teach a healthcare provider to be sensible human and there after be a professional. I would always be in touch with KP Sir and am so confident that in times I would get a sensible guidance from KP Sir. Prasmin Prafulxhandra Mehta.