I read reviews on google about him and I decided to book my appointment with him, I have high blood pressure issues and wanted to make sure that I get it treated ASAP because I am just 28. I met him, he was very cool, he saw me , my reports (TMT, ECHO), they were normal… He’s an amazing person! Very knowledgeable and will never scare you regards to your medical condition. He is among those Doctors who would think for the patient and not for the revenues, and the best example of it was that he refunded me his consultancy fees, stating that he has done a little part in guiding me, reduce my weight , change my lifestyle, However I felt that he did play a major role in making me understand the condition, He prescribed me medication as well to control my high BP (150/100). I got his book Heart To Heart , too from the hospital which is great, available in all 3 languages, people who are suffering from Cardiovascular diseases, for them to understand the conditions better. This was by far the best experience with a doctor in my whole Life, and trust me Dr. Parikh is actually a boon to people suffering from Cardiovascular diseases. He’s a dedicated and very kind person. Me and my wife were very thankful to him for the care he provided staying so humble. Thanks Dr. Parikh! Overall Had a very good experience in CIMS, the whole staff is very proactive and friendly. Wait time was also less in the reception area.