Last week on a Saturday evening, I was rushed into ER at SIMS Ahmedabad. Dr. Keyur Parikh was leaving for the day and had to come back from the parking lot to attend to me. He spent over 45 minutes with me and left only after ensuring that I was stable. On Sunday morning, he did an angiography followed by an angioplasty on me. Dr Keyur Parikh is undoubtedly a highly experienced and proficient interventionist, and a well respected cardiologist known for his ethics, unassuming nature and humility. A thorough professional, he is open to communication and discussion, unhesitatingly exercising cautions and suggesting options, all in very clear terms, leaving no scope for confusion. As a patient, I felt confident and comfortable talking to him. One of the most notable things about the whole experience was his approachability – patients can call him directly, unlike many other senior doctors who are not so easily approachable. Dr. Parikh’s warm personality, down-to- earth nature and good sense of humour is well reflected in the book ‘Heart to Heart’ authored by him. The book is a complete guide for a lay person about the functions of the heart, mechanics of heart problems, and their solutions. It educates, clears doubts, allays fears, and prepares one to deal effectively with heart related emergencies. The medical fraternity not concerned with cardiology can equally benefit from the book. The language is simple, yet highly informative. The book is entertaining as well. By adding jokes and anecdotes of his interaction with his patients, Dr Parikh makes many a medical myths, an enjoyable read of parables. The staff at the CIMS hospital were efficient, courteous, and friendly, they made me feel at home. Few days after my discharge from the hospital, a team of two doctors showed up at home to do a check-up. This is a very well-thought of service for patients and highly appreciated. The leader sets the tone. Dr. Parikh is a wonderful person and I am glad I met him. I wish it was not professionally (for obvious reasons!) but it does not matter. He made my heart good. Thank you, Dr.KP.