The heart has four chambers, two atria (atrium-chamber) and two ventricles (cavities). There is an atrium and a ventricle on the right and one each, on the left side.

Heart Failure results if the ventricles are overworked, overstrained and swollen.

The heart can be compared to a four room apartment  or a house.

An apartment has doors between rooms, so does the heart have valves. Just like doors, the valves open in a certain direction when blood flows through  them.  If  the heart valves open in the reverse direction and blood flows ina reverse direction, it is a sign of heart disease.

In an apartment we may freely  move to any room, but the blood in our heart  can move only in a predefined direction, between predefined chambers. If the blood flows into the wrong direction  and in the wrong chambers, that could be a sign of heart disease too .

Lastly, the rooms in an apartment have walls. The chambers of our heart also have walls. Rarely, these walls may have openings or a weakness in them, another sign of heart disease.

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