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Live session with Dr. Amit Patel

Live with Dr. Amit Patel

Please join us for a Facebook Live session with Dr. Amit Patel, our Pulmonologist Specialist who will discuss on ‘Swine Flu’ on Saturday, September 08, 2018, 12 pm. #pulmonologist #facebooklive #livesession #swineflu#flu #fever #cimshospital #ahmedabad

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हार्ट पहुंचाने को बनाया ग्रीन कोरिडोर, 12 किमी. का सफर १४ मिनट में

M.PATRIKA.COM हार्ट पहुंचाने को बनाया ग्रीन कोरिडोर, 12 किमी. का सफर १४ मिनट में असारवा सिविल से सिम्स अस्पताल तक पहुंचवाया हार्ट,पीकअवर्स में ट्रैफिक को ज्यादा

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One more successful heart  transplant at CIMS hospital last night 

Heart Transplant

One more successful heart ❤️ transplant at CIMS hospital last night સીઆઈએમએસ હોસ્પિટલમાં રાત્રે એક વધુ સફળ હૃદય ટ્રાન્સપ્લાન્ટ कल रात सीआईएमएस अस्पताल में एक और सफल दिल ❤️प्रत्यारोपण

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Happy Janmashtami. 

happy janmashtami

#janmashtami #drkeyurparikh #ahmedabad

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International health care awards


CIMS Hospital is proud to announce that we have been awarded the Certificate of Excellence as the Best Multi-Specialty Hospital in Gujarat at the International Healthcare Awards, 2018. #bestmultispecialtyhospital #award#internationalhealthcareawards #healthcareawards#healthcare #cimshospital #ahmedabad

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The rotablator system


A catheter is introduced and advanced to the coronary artery. The guide wire is used to cross the stenosis inside the coronary artery. The drill head rotating at 1,50,000-190,000 revolution per minute is used to remove plaque deposits. The guide wire is used to advance a balloon and/or a stent to the site of the…

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Critical Calcified LAD opened using Right Radial

Critical Calcified LAD opened using Right Radial SLENDERs heath 6F(2.45-2.55 mm) Terumo, 7Fr guide, with 1.75 mm Rotablator followed by 3/3.5mm DES , patient walked out of cathlab

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Critical calcified lad opened using right radial

Critical Calcified

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Angioplasty of Osteal Left main Coronary Artery and use of OCT Optical Coherence Tomography

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Use of Fractional Flow Reserve in 60% RIGHT CORONARY ARTERY LESION-Positive -Required Angioplasty

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